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Samurai sword Katana Umbrella

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Large, elegant, fear-inducing and without the risk of sudden death, this cool umbrella only looks like a katana until you open it up and shield yourself from the rain. 

The risk of being taken by the arm by the police for questioning is definitely worth the priceless look of the people around you when you get out your "katana" and pull out.. an umbrella. It also helps if you're walking or biking through somewhat unsafe areas - who messes with a katana carrier? 

Aside from its frightful appearance, this umbrella is actually very sturdy and durable, the handle is somewhat heavy and overall it's a fantastic umbrella to have when rain is supposed to fall. The special design gives it style and is sure to be an eye catcher.

  • 99cm long when closed
  • Auto-open bang mechanism 
  • Samurai sword handle
  • Includes carry bag

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