Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about GiftSear.ch and the gifts presented on our website:

What is GiftSear.ch?

GiftSear.ch is an online showcase of cool gifts which have been categorized and indexed to make gift searching for the best gifts as easy as possible. If you want to learn about the people behind the website, please check our About Us page.

Where do you get the gift ideas from?

We've got our sources! We actually spend an inordinate amount of time on the web looking for awesome things we think people would love – we’re quite experienced and have an eye for finding special products that make great gifts. If their reviews and ratings are good (or if they are very new and have none, but seem too great to pass up) we add it to our collection so you choose only from the best options.

Why does the gift have different prices on GiftSear.ch and on the sellers' website?

At this time, we are not able to automatically update the price between the sellers' website and GiftSear.ch. We do go through the gifts regularly and update the price if needed, but if we missed one and you notice a blatantly wrong price, let us know so we can change it!

What’s with the heart in the top corner of a gift?

Clicking the heart adds the gift to your Favorites collection – you can add however many gifts you like here for future reference and you can even set up notifications for when the price drops for each one. You only need to register, either with Facebook or Twitter or with just your name and email.  

I'm still not happy with the suggested gifts. What now?

Well we can’t leave you hanging, so simply leave us a message and ask for a Personalized Gift Suggestion, specifically tailored to your needs. You tell us who your giftee is, give us details about what they like and dislike and we'll personally get back to you by email with a bunch of personalized gift suggestions. Of course this is all free.

Can this gift be shipped to my country?

Most of the products on GiftSearch are from Amazon.com, so check out this link: Amazon Help: International Shipping and Amazon Global