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How to Traumatize Your Children

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Learn the latest fads in traumatic parenting and how to achieve maximum results at emotionally ruining your children for ever. Guaranteed!

Step 1: Turn your children into entitled spoiled adults by being an indulger and giving them everything their little hearts desire! Don't impose limits, they didn't come into your life so you can deny them things, but shower them with affection, undeserved praise, buy them all the sweets, toys and electronics they put their eyes on. 

And don't forget to get them out of any trouble no matter what! They're little angels - how dare anybody say otherwise?! You think they actually did something wrong? Pfew, saddle up, you've got some things to learn to polish your skills of screwing up your children with class!

This book is sure to be a great gift for any expecting parent, new parent or hey, even grandparents since it's not too late to traumatize their grandchildren!

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