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Champion Swiss Knife from Victorinox

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You don't need no Bear Grylls when you have this knife at hand! Victorinox are known to make very high quality Swiss knives and this one tops everything off as it includes over 30 stainless-steel tools to use while camping, hiking, fishing, and so much more. 

This knife is surprisingly small for all the tools it comes with, extremely durable and practical, making it a great gift for any handy man or woman in your life.

If you need just a basic Swiss Knife, you can find one right over here.


1. large blade 

2. mini-screwdriver 

3. small blade 

4. corkscrew 

5. can opener with

6. -small screwdriver

7. cap lifter with

8. -screwdriver

9. -wire stripper

10. reamer, punch 

11. key ring 

12. tweezers 

13. toothpick 

14. scissors 

15. multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier) 

16. wood saw 

17. fish scaler with

18. -hook disgorger

19. -ruler (cm + inches)

20. nailfile with

21. -metal file

22. -nail cleaner

23. -metal saw

24. screwdriver 2.5mm 

25. chisel 

26. pliers with

27. -wire crimping tool

28. -wire cutters

29. Phillips screwdriver 

30. magnifying lens 

31. pressurized ballpoint pen 

32. pin stainless 

33. sewing eye 

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