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Do Not Feed the Zombies Art Poster Print

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Society as we know it is done. Kaput. A feeble memory, sustained by our need to dream of better times while we scavenge for supplies and ammo and sleep with an eye open. The living dead are everywhere, just waiting for us to slip so they'll have our juicy malnourished brains. But this silly psychologist thinks the zombies are misunderstood souls and keeps giving them scraps! Geez, do we have to put up signs so he stops feeding them?!

Some people really need the reminder. And in case of a zombie apocalypse, it's better to be fully prepared: cans of food, guns, a backpack with clothes and this much needed sign to keep those well-intended survivors away from sustaining the brain-eating zombies. Or else we might turn them into zombie food ourselves.

  • 32 x 24 inches
  • Premium double-side lamination


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