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Horror Refrigerator Door Cover

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Come on in, make yourself at home! Let me bring you something to snack on!

Would you like this delightful bat concoction? Tastes like chicken! We have a wonderful slug salad too, or actual cat tongues if you're into that! There's some leftovers from last night's eyeball soup and human meatloaf if you'd like, it goes fantastically well with the brain souffle and the testicle wine.

Or we have the special mystery meat! Let me go fetch it, I last saw it in the back of the refrigerator 8 weeks ago and I think it's all good and sentient by now. If it tries to smack me, it's ready to serve. 

Here, where ya going? I still have some finger snacks made especially for you!

  • 65" x 33.5" cover to stick on the refrigerator and utterly disgust the guests

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