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Zombie Dog Decoration

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Fido isn't lost, look, he's running toward us from the street! Foaming at the mouth, snarling and with raw flesh exposed... Darling, head to the back AND RUN LIKE A BAT FROM HELL!

Well Fido was unfortunately bitten by a zombie, but we managed to freeze him and now look at him, he's perfect! Perfectly still that is, he won't be moving anytime soon, so you can just place him in the yard and enjoy the company of your family dog - even if he looks like a terrifying zombie now. He's still dear old Fido, right?

If you or somebody you're gifting Fido are into undead pet stories, definitely give Stephen King's Pet Sematary a read.

  • 11 inches tall
  • Dark green color
  • Could pass for a vicious zombie chihuahua

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