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The Smoking Gun Portable Food Smoker

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In the words of The Mask: Ssssssmokin'!

Smoked meat, be it pork or chicken or fish or anything else, tastes sinfully delicious when you smoke it. So do some vegetables when they're smoked, like corn on the cob or even beans, the smoked aroma adds to the flavor like nothing else.

Regular smokers tend to be rather large and heavy and take some time before they're ready for work and before they're done with it. Not this little gun. The portable food smoker is small, easy to use in a kitchen, it works on batteries, has a low-noise motor that won't ever wake up the cat and it can smoke foods cooked sous vide for a plus of flavor. 

And it's really really portable and easy to use, hence "the gun". Just waiting to smoke up a variety of dishes. Absolutely fantastic if you make your own beef jerky or if you're a die-hard carnivore looking to spice up your diet.

It beats cigarette smoking, but we're not responsible if you become addicted to the smoke flavor though. 

  • Removable anodized aluminum smoking chamber 
  • Heavy-duty metal blower fan 
  • Low-noise motor 
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries (included) 
  • Includes two 1/2oz sample jars of PolyScience Hickory and Apple Wood Smoking Sawdust
  • Can use your own wood chips

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