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Small Robot Nutcracker

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It's tough and messy cracking nuts with an old-fashioned hammer, sending pieces flying throughout the kitchen only to get to the delicious nuts.

You can still go the old fashioned route by leaving the dreadful job to a retro robot, all ready to do the work for you in no time and look dashing while at it!

This funky robot has only one job and he does it beautifully! He's made from beech wood, he's brightly colored and he's only 8.7 inches tall and would love to sleep in the cupboard when he's out of work. He'd make for a fun and useful gift for anybody who loves walnuts, but not the chore of having to crack them.

  • 8.7 inches tall 
  • Made from Beech wood
  • Place any nut in the robot's belly and twist the key to crack open the shell
  • Robot Nut Crackers are easy to use and will break into any nut, from the smallest hazelnut to the toughest walnut


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