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The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets

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Who knew? Well, the author, he knew that some of the show's writers are mathematicians and that they inserted various pieces of interesting math in almost every episode for a bit of fun.

Most of the book has Simon Singh picking an episode, finding and dissecting the math in it and then he talks about the writers who came up with it and their intents. 

Examples include the use of Pi in ?Marge in Chains? (?Mmm . . . pi(e).?), little Maggie building an E = mc2 tower out of her alphabet blocks in "Bart the Genius" and even Cantor's categorization of infinities in bits of Futurama. 

If you know a math geek and Simpsons fan, this is the perfect gift to blend 2 great interest into hours of fun and interesting reading sessions.

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