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Freudian Sips Mug

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You figured it out, "Freudian sips" is a pun on Freudian slips - those things when you say one thing and mean your mother. What? 

The mug is very durable and boldly colored, it holds 10 oz of your favorite beverage and it will make you more aware of when you're making Freudian tits, I mean slips! 

A fun gift to give to anyone passionate with psychology, especially if they're a practicing professional and especially if they tend to accidentally say the first thing that's on their breasts, I mean mind!

The TvTropes entry on Freudian Slips actually has this mug as the featured image!

  • 3 1/4" diameter
  • Holds 10 oz of your favorite daytime poison 
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

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