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Wicked Witch 6-Ounce Mug

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All venerable dark witches of the West, the witches of Eastwick, the witches of Northern Europe or the Death Eaters witches, they all drink their morning tea or coffee in suitable mugs that channel their magic and let out their wickedness!

So if you're wicked and filled with charms just waiting to spread havoc through the world, give people a heads up with this cool wicked mug. 

It's a great gift for any aspiring little witch to drink her magical hot chocolate from or for any lady in your life with an affinity for Dark or White magic, a fan of Harry Potter's Hermione, Sabrina, Witches of the West, Morgan Le Fay (Morgana) and so so many awesome witches of the world. 

All you need more is a broom, maybe a Nimbus 2000?

  • Hand painted stoneware
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gift boxed 


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