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Boogie Board 8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet

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Loved your Etch A Sketch? This tablet is even better and even more useful.

The Boogie Board is an super thin tablet with a pressure-sensitive black LCD screen on which you can write (with the included stylus or any tool that doesn't scratch the screen) whatever you like and you can erase everything with the touch of a button. The battery is sealed and it lasts about 6 years of regular use.

It's a very practical tool for kids to use at home and doodle or write, to use in the classroom, to write notes on and stick on the fridge, to write shopping lists on and bring along to the store (as it's super lightweight), or to write notes in the office.

It's a great gift for anybody who loves to take notes or doodle and for anybody who wants to be more green and use less paper or energy since this tablet's battery doesn't need changing and it completely replaces paper.

If you need a sleeve for it, here is a classic black sleeve or a bright pink sleeve.

  • Pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface
  • Sealed 3V watch battery never needs replacing and provides over 50,000 erase cycles
  • Erase your image with the touch of a button
  • Ultra 1/8” thin and light – fits easily into backpacks, schedulers, or purses
  • Case and LCD made from durable, shatter-proof, non-toxic plastic
  • Write or draw with the included stainless steel stylus or almost any other instrument – even your finger
  • Includes magnets and stylus clip

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