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Beginner FirstScope Telescope

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By looking far out into space we are also looking far back into time, back toward the horizon of the universe, back toward the epoch of the Big Bang.

- Carl Sagan, "Cosmos"

A simple telescope can unveil some of the mysteries of the night sky - you can see clearly the surface of the Moon, some of our galaxy's planets, you can examine the clouds by day or you can go on the mountains and observe a forest and unknowing animals in all their splendor from afar.

This beginner telescope is perfect for novices - it's sturdy, it features a quality 76mm reflector optical tube, good lenses for a clear image, absolutely perfect for someone new to astronomy. It's a great gift for kids, but age is nothing but a number when it comes to science and the wonders of the universe, so this telescope can make a fantastic gift for anybody, of any age and any background who just want a bit of magic in their lives.

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