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Semi-Recumbent Pedal Desk

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Who says that if you spend too much time on the computer, you'll sprout roots into the chair? 

Well, it's still possible and you should check your behind for roots regularly, but you can minimize the risks by using this great exercise bike with an integrated desk that allows you to place on top a laptop, a tablet, an ebook reader or a book so you're never bored while you exercise those lazy legs off!

Whoever thought of this should get enough praise to raise his self esteem to the skies, as this is just the perfect tool for this internet-driven time we live in because it integrates both entertainment and much needed exercise. So get off that lazy behind and enjoy the online or get some work done while you burn off your winter fat!

  • Folding steel frame for easy storage
  • Adjustable non-slip desk surface
  • Performance meter
  • Massage rollers
  • Comfortable 'beach cruiser' seat
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Resistance bands for upper body workout
  • Storage drawer
  • User height: 4'10" - 6'6"
  • 16"x19" desk surface

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