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Poweriser Jumping Stilts Adults & Kids

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The Poweriser Jumping Stilts are a fantastic piece of equipment, strong, durable and very safe, that will allow you to exercise most of your muscles and have lots of fun running and jumping around, especially since you can jump over 10 feet in the air -  you can easily jump over cars!

The Stilts help burn fat and develop musculature and are even perfectly fine for the back, knees and joints, relieving stress on the back and joints thanks to their cushioning properties. A cool video of how they work live.

They have aluminium frames for excellent strength and durability and a high quality fiberglass leaf spring. They're sure to be safe and durable so you won't worry about them breaking or causing you any pain.

This particular model is for people weighing 110-158 lbs, if you weigh 158-198 lbs look here and if you weigh 200-242 lbs look here. Also available for kids!

  • Lets you jump 10 to 16 feet high
  • You can run at over 20 miles/hour
  • Strong aluminum frame 
  • Fiberglass leaf spring 
  • 12 month warranty

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