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Portal 2 Motion Activated Desk Defender

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It looks cute, it offers his services as a watch dog, but don't be fooled! It's still a deadly turret, your many months spent in the test chambers should have taught you that turrets are not to be trusted! 

Eh, it's still worth the odd chance of being shot as it works by USB, it detects motion with ease and then it announces its finding with phrases like "Preparing to dispense product" and "Target acquired". It's better then to let the target know that he should run ASAP or he is risking a quick death. 

If your turret gets knocked over or moved, it vibrates and it speaks again: "Critical error", "Malfunctioning", "Hey, hey, hey". 

All in all, the uninvited guests at your desk will surely be scared away - and for good measure. 

  • 7.5" tall
  • USB powered
  • It detects motion and plays sound effects from the games
  • Officially licensed

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