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Photoshop Tote Bag

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Sturdy tote bags you can carry in your regular bag are a must - they're extremely useful whenever you go shopping, either planned or spontaneous, so you can easily carry even groceries. This tote bag is not only strong and durable, but it features a charming illustration by Gemma Correll with two cats - a cartoon cat asking a real cat what's wrong with it with the real cat answering "Photoshop". 

It can be an expression of how the modern world can accept as "real" only the most idealized portraits of reality. Or it can be a funny and cute illustration to make you want to use your tote bag. Either way, it makes for a fun gift for any cat person.

  • Handsewn poly poplin fabric
  • Bag size: 16" x 16" 
  • Artwork by Gemma Correll

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