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I'm Already Late Watch

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"Punctuality is the virtue of the bored."

- Evelyn Waugh

Don't say that to whoever you're meeting though. This lovely watch won't help with you being more punctual and it does keep the time like all those other boring watches, but with its writing and haphazard numbers it will just let you know you should stop hurrying and raising your blood pressure. Accept your tardiness and let people know to always meet you 15 minutes later than agreed. 

It's a great gift for someone who's always late - especially as a belated gift, your always tardy giftee will appreciate the irony. 

This "who cares, I'm already late" watch is a pretty accessory, if you'd like something similar that is guaranteed to last you for years, check this one out.

  • Band size :23L x 1.8W cm 
  • Dial Diameter: 3.8 cm 
  • Alloy case

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