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Hermione Granger's Wand

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Did you know?

J. K. Rowling used a Celtic calendar to assign Hermione's wand wood based on her date of birth, as vine corresponds to those born between 2 September and 29 September.

This fantastic wand is the one most suited for the charm and brilliance of Hermione Granger, the one that lasted her all her years of school and the one year when the war forced her into using extraordinary spells. 

Hermione's wand is 15" long, it's made from vine wood and it has a dragon heartstring core. While yours will be made from resin, making it highly durable, it looks exactly the same and will still retain some of the original wand's magic, helping you do some spells of your own. 

It's a fantastic addition to any Hermione Granger costume and a lovely gift for any die-hard Harry Potter and Hermione fan - and it also comes in a cute gift box! 

  • Measures 15 inches in length
  • Made from resin for durability
  • Comes in collector's box 
  • Prop replica from The Harry Potter movies 


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