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Go the F**k to Sleep

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Some kids put off going to bed as long as possible and bedtime stories are a surefire way to spend precious sleep time without actually sleeping while annoying the mom or dad at duty. The book reminds of Calvin and Hobbes, other notoriously late sleepers that require bedtime stories every night.

If you're a parent of a similarly pesky and sleepless child, you know how tedious bedtime can be and you'll love this great little book
This hardcover is beautifully illustrated and filled with hilarious poetry about the horrors of a night of storytelling (narrated by Samuel L. Jackson in the audiobook version) that deals with the frustration in a way that will surely amuse you and make bedtime more tolerable in the future. 

It's a fantastic gift for parents everywhere, no matter the age of the child as they'll remember with dread the minutes or hours before the little insomniac used to drift away to sleep.

Go The F**k to Sleep is a book for parents, but it's also hilarious for children if you don't mind them learning some new and less desirable words.

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