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Electric Warming Blanket

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There's nothing better on a chilly night than to cuddle up in bed all wrapped up in a warm blanket to stay toasty warm while drift off to sleep. Or to stay in a chair and read a book and sip on a cup of tea or use the laptop with a heat-seeking cat in your lap. You'll find plenty of uses for this blanket.

The blanket is pretty large for one person, it has 3 warming settings, good for when you need just a little bit of warmth and when you want to crank it up to 11 and it shuts down automatically after 3 hours for safety. It comes in various colors as well, although the cranberry red is totally an eye catcher. 

It makes for a great gift for any loved one who can't get enough warmth no matter the weather - a wife or girlfriend with permanent chilly feet, a grandmother, an elderly friend. It's a pet magnet, so the owner always has to be wary that the pets of the house will come running whenever you turn it on.

  • Dimensions: 50" x 60"
  • 3 warming settings 
  • 3 hour auto-off
  • Soft microplush fabric
  • It comes in other colors as well, like Walnut Brown (and a little heaper), Electric Blue or Mushroom Beige.
  • Machine wash and dry

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