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Doctor Who Set of 2 Tardis Necklaces

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Martha Jones: Hold on, mister! Two hearts?

The Doctor: Don't make a habit of it.

[Martha laughs as The Doctor gets up, seemingly fine, but then he yells out in pain]

The Doctor: Aaah! I've only got one heart working! How do you people *cope*? I've gotta get the other one started. Hit me. Hit me on the chest.

Well you don't need to hit anyone for a second heart, just think of your closest soul and one who shares the same interest in the Doctor. A friend? A sister or a brother? A lover? Then this first half heart is for you and the second half for them! A tiny gift to bring you two closer.

These 2 Tardis pendants are made from silvertone, so don't expect super duper high quality, but they're absolutely gorgeous, featuring a Tardis with a heart in the middle that splits in half, revealing two necklaces - one for you, one for someone you love. A perfect little gift for Valentine's or a birthday - or just because you finished watching a Doctor Who marathon together.

  • Silvertone pendants come with a 24" chain
  • Each Tardis half is 1 1/2" tall

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