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Death Wish Coffee - World's Strongest Coffee

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Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.

Worried about your coffee intake with 6 cups of coffee per morning, 3 in the afternoon and about 2 per night? You might have a death wish then, so why not change your regular brand and give your heart that extra skip with the Death Wish Coffee? This coffee has a strong aroma and it's supposedly 200% more powerful that regular coffee shop types, so it's sure to be a hit and a great wake up call in the morning.

Don't drink too much though, or a lovely man with a black hood will pay you a visit and he only needs to offer you a cup of coffee for you to follow him... Unless it's charming George from Dead like me, in which case adios! Glad you had our coffee!

  • 200% more powerful than typical coffee shop roasts
  • 1lb bag
  • Whole beans, not ground
  • Organic, kosher


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