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Cube LED Mini Light - Nightlight

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This cute little cube will bring a bit of light in anybody's life. 

This cube is very small with its mere 2" in width and height and packs 4 color-changing LEDs with 3 brightness levels. It consists of a base + a removable diffusor.

It's battery powered so it's super portable and won't inconvenience you with cables or recharge times. On the high setting (brightest light) the cube works for 3 hours, on the low setting for 100 hours. We recommend you use rechargeable batteries.

It's great as a nightlight for children, you can use it for a bit of light when you're watching a movie at home, you can use it to light the table when having a romantic dinner or to add to the relaxation brought on by a foam bath. You can also bring it when you're camping as you can read under it when removing the diffusor and it can also act as an emergency flash - it can flash up to 48 hours.

An all around cute and practical color-changing light, great as a gift for pretty much anyone.

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