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Adjustable Vented Laptop Table

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Ah, what simple pleasure of life is there but relaxing with your laptop in your lap, browsing the web, chatting with folks, with a drink and a bowl of snacks close? Well, reading a book might come close, but this works too, and considering how badly most laptops heat up when placed in your lap or on any fabric surface, laptop tables are a must have.

This particular table is just what the (computer) doctor ordered: it's adjustable so you can set it up to your most desired height, it's made from strong and durable aluminium and it has holes for heat dissipation, ensuring it won't overheat.

So if you're looking to blend in with the bed, but without ruining your laptop, this laptop table is the perfect support.

  • Aluminium construction
  • Supplied in various colors (black, white, pink, purple)
  • Folding and adjustable
  • Holes for heat dissipation

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