What do our users say?

What do our users say?

  • Brilliant website idea! I really love it and can't wait for my boyfriend's birthday to come and surprise him with one of these gifts!

  • I've been looking for a website like this for ages, perfect to find cool gifts when out of ideas!

  • My brother's birthday is coming up and I already found a lot of things he'd like, it will be hard to choose!

  • I put in my girlfriend's age and it came up with a bunch of stuff I know she would like - and I even saw things she already has, so your targeting must be pretty accurate!

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  • The website is awesome! I'll be getting the Horse Head for myself, it will be a smash when I show it to my friends.


Who are you trying to make happy?

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Nyan Cat Hoodie
Nyan Cat Hoodie

Feeling cold and unfashionable? Then dress to alienate in this brightly colored Nyan Cat Hoodie!

Daria T-shirt for Men and Women

If sarcasm is your second nature and you want it to be more obvious to the common folk, this Daria T-shirt is just the thing.

Funky One Piece Swimsuits

Summer at the beach can be double the fun when you have an awesome geeky, funny or funky swimsuit to feel even better in your skin!

Love Gay Couple Pillowcases

The sweetest gift for a lovey dovey gay couple is this cute set of romantic pillowcases to delight them when getting ready for bed.

Doctor Who TARDIS-Shaped Ice Bucket

Nobody knew that TARDISES can keep ice cubes, well, icy, and this TARDIS-shaped ice bucket also comes with a silicone tray!

Hanging Rope Chair

No better way to relax on a lovely day than in a hammock or a hanging chair, to feel yourself weightless and no care in the world!

Man Cave Laws Poster

Those not abiding by the laws of the man cave shall be severely punished. By forcing them to buy beer, preferably.

Romantic Couples Pillowcases

The Romantic Couples Pillowcases will add charm to your each and every night to remind you of a loved one or to remind you to hug them.

Sweet Buddha Poster Framed

Enlightenment can be reached by surpassing temptations one at a time! Or so we believe by looking at this framed Sweet Buddha poster.

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