What do our users say?

What do our users say?

  • Brilliant website idea! I really love it and can't wait for my boyfriend's birthday to come and surprise him with one of these gifts!

  • I've been looking for a website like this for ages, perfect to find cool gifts when out of ideas!

  • My brother's birthday is coming up and I already found a lot of things he'd like, it will be hard to choose!

  • I put in my girlfriend's age and it came up with a bunch of stuff I know she would like - and I even saw things she already has, so your targeting must be pretty accurate!

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  • The website is awesome! I'll be getting the Horse Head for myself, it will be a smash when I show it to my friends.


Who are you trying to make happy?

My giftee is a and he is my

He is years old and my budget is

Salvador Dali Surreal Watch
Salvador Dali Surreal Watch

Time may be an illusion, but you can still track it - this Dali watch will give time a surrealist twist while showing the man himself.

Love Gay Couple Pillowcases

The sweetest gift for a lovey dovey gay couple is this cute set of romantic pillowcases to delight them when getting ready for bed.

Futurama - A Mindless Worker Is A Happy Worker

Propaganda posters are so much fun! And these wise words pictured above Futurama's top mindless workers seem to come from Dilbert.

Doctor Who Silicone Ice Tray/Chocolate Mold

Daleks and Tardises can (have to) get along in this silicone tray and either turn into cool ice cubes or delicious chocolates!

Daria T-shirt for Men and Women

If sarcasm is your second nature and you want it to be more obvious to the common folk, this Daria T-shirt is just the thing.

Teeth and Fangs Ice Cube Tray

Suck the blood of your foes and serve it to your friends nicely chilled with these teeth and fangs cubes!

Assorted Set of 5 Cat Eyes Small Dishes

The cutest little set of 5 small dishes that show large and adorable black cat eyes! The perfect support for a slice of cake!

Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp Light

Tetris is back in the shape of a funky Constructible Desk Lamp Light that will brighten up your room and make you dream in blocks.

Portal 2 Motion Activated Desk Defender

There's no better guard for scheming coworkers or a curious boss (or mom) than this lethal Portal 2 Motion Activated Desk Defender.

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