Wood Grain Alarm Clock

With its minimalist and closer to nature look, the Wood Grain Alarm Clock is perfect to improve your groggy mood in the morning. Friend" "What's that block of wood over there, are you trying to build yourself a new room?" *smirk*
You: "Careful, or your head might find out how heavy it is."

Don't worry, it's not heavy with its mere 1.7 pounds and MDF construction, although it's definitely prone to jokes if you have some funny guests - but it's also stylish, it's minimalist, cute and simple and it shows the time or the time, date and temperature in cycles. This eye catching clock is just perfect to decorate your bedside table and it's a nice conversation piece - just think of jokes about wood. 

We got your back: Did you hear about the woodworker who died when he fell into a vat of varnish? It was a terrible end, but a beautiful finish.

  • MDF and graining coating
  • LED lights
  • Displays either just the time, or the time, date and temperature in cycles
  • 2x Built-in AG3 Batteries

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