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Water Resistant Kitchen Tablet

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Spilling and vegetables flying around won't be a problem anymore if you have this tablet on the counter as it's made especially for using in the kitchen - this tablet is sturdy and durable, it's water resistant, it's easy to clean and it has a stand to keep it standing when cooking for easy reading.

It will keep your from ruining your regular tablet, laptop or Kindle in the kitchen and it's double useful as it comes with 1000 recipes from Qooq and excellent video tutorials searchable by ingredient - although you can also simply connect to the internet and access your favorite cooking website to get recipes from and you can browse the web and all your social networks while you're busy cooking great meals.

No more heavy cookbooks or putting your expensive electronics in harm's (or pan's) way as this tablet will make it easy to browse recipes online and chop vegetables or mix liquids around it without fear of ruining it.

Oh, and Oprah recommends it as a gift for any of your loved ones who enjoys cooking!

  • Uses Linux
  • Water resistant and easy to clean in case of spillings
  • Sturdy and durable
  • 1000 recipes supplied
  • SD card
  • Can connect to the internet to any cooking site you prefer

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