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Vampire Slayer Kit

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If you haven't noticed, there's a vampire infestation - they're trying to gain more ground every day and they're fierce and hard to kill. Even the sparkly ones, damn it, "vegetarians" and still so damned powerful!

So, if you're a mere citizen trying to protect you and your family, a novice vampire slayer trying to build himself a career or a father worrying about his daughter being mesmerized by a cold one - this is the kit for you! It contains a mallet, a thick stake, a holy water bottle and a cross necklace for additional protection. The minimum you need to survive, all nicely wrapped and ready to place under the pillow.

Add same salt for protection against demon and this should keep you safe. For a night.

  • Includes: Stake, Mallet, Holy Water Bottle, Cross Necklace
TAGS: Creepy

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