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The Wire: The Complete Series

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Baltimore drug scene, seen through the eyes of drug dealers, and law enforcement.  (IMDB)

The simplest description of one of the most highly acclaimed TV shows ever written.

There is no white and black with The Wire - all characters are grey, the stories build up with time, there are no "monsters of the week", it's complex, thrilling and captivating - and one of the most appreciated and widely acclaimed TV series today, 6 years after it ended. Up there with The Sopranos and above Six Feet Under.

All the 60 episodes from the 5 seasons are now available in this collection of 23 discs, including 3 prequels, a gag reel and bonus features to keep you doubly entertained while you're having a 40-hour marathon watching one of the greatest American shows ever made! We're fans, obviously.

  • All 60 episodes on 23 discs 
  • Includes 3 prequels that explore life before The Wire
  • Bonus features from all five seasons, including audio commentaries by cast and crew  
  • Never-before-seen gag reel
TAGS: Adult

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