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Moon in My Room

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Q: How can you tell when the Moon is going broke?
A: You can see when it's
 down to its last quarter.

You're probably heard of people who have managed to sell the Moon from the sky. Well, this one's a cool and fancy educational replica that looks just like the real thing - but it's much much cheaper.

This Moon is very detailed with a textured surface, it comes with a handy remote control that shows its main 12 phases and it shuts off after working for 30 minutes without interruption to preserve battery life - as it tends to eat the batteries like crazy, so be sure to always have a few spare batteries close.

Kids will love this glowing Moon as it's fun and it gives off a warm glow to fall asleep to.

  • Detailed 3-D lunar landscape
  • Automatic or manual function shows 12 main phases of the Moon
  • Auto shut off after 30 min without interruption
  • Four AA or two AAA batteries (not included)



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