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Monopoly Deal Card Game

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The game that ruins life-long friendships and strong family ties - now travel-sized to ruin barbecues, coffee shop meetings, picnics and more!

It's a much more entertaining game than the classic Monopoly, much shorter and players don't get kicked out of the game when they go broke - they can turn their luck around on their next turn. Or not, but hey, they don't have to wait around another hour for the others to go broke.

In this card game, you have to collect 3 complete property sets and the cards consist of money and property cards, as well as Action Cards - the best part of this game. They allow you to get rent for your properties, steal properties, exchange properties or have people give you birthday gifts in the form of money. It's fast-paced and a fun way of ruining your relationships.

  • For 2 to 5 players
  • Travel-sized

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