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Minecraft Sheet Magnets

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A friend of family member of yours can't get his or her's nose out of Minecraft but to work and sleep? Maybe you can at least modify their path a little so they'll stroll to the fridge on the way to the bath and have a little fun sticking these magnets in different patterns on the fridge. They might even open the door and grab something to eat! 

This set includes two magnetic sheets that consist of 80 square blocks each, measuring 1". Great to build, well, whatever they want. These magnets are excellent for building and sharing your schematics for your next fortress with the whole family or to play a game of "Name that data value!" with the already annoyed family members. There's nothing better than to alienate loved ones with your passions.

  • Two colorful magnetic sheets
  • 80 x square blocks on each sheet
  • 1" square blocks


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