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Futurama - A Mindless Worker Is A Happy Worker

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Ah, work. That wonderful place that makes you commute for an hour to meet with people you don't like so you'll all do mindless tasks inside a box the size of a bathroom stall.

If your work is like that, this poster was made for you! And if you're the boss there, get 20 of these.

If you actually enjoy your job, you work at home or your employees seem (somehow) happy, this Futurama poster will remind you of the hurdles of others - or of how Bender and Fry never actually do any work and still get paid. Whatever conclusion you get from this...

This poster would look great framed and hanged in a home office or actual office with a sense of humor, also making it a fun gift for a workaholic coworker.

  • 24" x 36"

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