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Dexter's Laboratory T-Shirt

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Dee Dee: Uh, Dexter? Sorry to wake you...

Dexter: You mean like you did the last 20 times?

Dee Dee: Well, I went into your lab, see? And I pushed a button...

Dexter: Oh, you mean like you did the last 20 MILLION times?

It's always time for science with Dexter. Night? He's dreaming equations. Breakfast? He's having a nutritious breakfast of number-shaped cereal and milk. Shower? Calculating the ideal position to stand in for a perfect wash.

By wearing this shirt, Dexter's passion for science might rub off on you and increase your love of science as well so there's always time for science! Until your Dee Dee walks into your room and starts pestering you.

It's a great gift for any Dexter's Laboratory fan and for science geeks.

Dad: Dexter, I am your father. 

Dexter: [Gasp] That's not possible! Oh wait, no, you're right.

  • Cotton material
  • Multi color screen print
  • Officially licensed product



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