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Dexter Vinyl Apron

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It's the middle of the night when you feel a strong pull towards the kitchen. It's your Dark Passenger again! His cravings are getting worse and worse, his attraction to your knives is deadly, his taste for blood is insatiable!

Don't give in! Murder is ahead if you do! Don't give in until you put an apron on so you won't stain your good pajamas with pork blood. 

And the Dexter apron is the perfect one to wear. Not only does it shield your clothes perfectly as it's made from black vinyl, but it reminds of Dexter, a serial killer who has indulged his Dark Passenger and barely ever ruined a shirt! So chop away at your pork or chicken or whatever meat is your poison, feel as dashing as Dexter in your new apron and be sure that your clothes will stay nice and clean.

It's a fantastic gift for any Dexter fan, also pretty great for Halloween, accompanied by a set of (plastic, don't tempt the Dark Passenger) knives and a fancy Dexter haircut. 

  • Adjustable neck strap for optimal protection
  • Made of black vinyl, one size fits most

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