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Dexter Board Game

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Another criminal fell through the cracks of the justice system? Not to worry, he won't enjoy his freedom for long, Dexter is onto him and will soon put him on his table, all nicely wrapped. That is, if he can find him on the streets of Miami.

In this unique board game, each player can be Dexter and search for the suspect he wants on his table, he will try to acquire the tools he needs to complete his mission and he should definitely be on the lookout for opponents trying to turn him over to the police. This fun game will make you come up with strategies to win and schemes to trick your opponents, making for a great time with Dexter-loving friends. Don't forget to bring donuts!

  • 2-4 players
  • Playing Time: 2 Players (30-45 minutes), 3-4 Players (45-75 minutes)
  • Components: Game Board, Playing Pawns, Six-Sided Die, On The Job Cards, On The Job Prowl Cards, Calling Dexter Cards, Suspect Tokens, Tool Tokens, Mini Garbage Bags

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