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Dali Melting Clock

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Salvador Dali's piece The Persistence of Memory is probably his most well known work of art and the inspiration for this surrealist clock. 

Dali himself stated that the idea came when he was looking at a clock and thinking that time seemed to moved slowly and then he noticed a piece of Camembert cheese that was left on the table and was melting. Such does time melt away without us noticing. Although we're sure you'll always think of cheese when looking at it from now on...

This curious clock has a design that lets it rest easily on the edge of any flat surface, making it perfect to place on a bookshelf so you'll be reminded to make the most of the time that's quickly slipping through your fingers. Optimist little thing, sure.

Whether it's your love for Dali's works, a conscious realization that time is always slipping away or just a wish to have a fancy piece to decorate your shelves (unless you remember the cheese inspiration), any reason is good to have this melting clock in your home, a piece sure to give you something to think about.

  • Approx. 7.5" h x 5" w x 6" deep
  • Chrome trim
  • Rests off the edge of any flat surface
  • Requires 1 AA Battery (not included)


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