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Bronze Skull Candy Bowl

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The perfect place to store candy during Halloween - a skull with the top nicely cut off so your hand can fit in. Must be the skull of one of your enemies, for sure.

Since killing is still illegal everywhere, this resin skull will do the trick - it's durable, realistic and it's painted in a gorgeous bronze, looking as elegant as it looks creepy. It's a great bowl to have around Halloween or even around the year as it's a good conversation piece and will always get a reaction out of someone who first sees it. 

If you'd like a more realistic looking skull - mainly off white, not bronze - check this other skull out, also made from durable resin,

Skull Candy Bowl

  • Resin material
  • H: 4.25 x W: 7 x D: 4.75 in


TAGS: Skull

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