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Bright Lime Floor Chair

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More of a bean bag, this floor chair brings a splash of color into any setting, ensuring it will brighten up any foul mood, and it's wonderfully comfortable thanks to its special design and the quality beans it's filled with. 

It's excellent for a game room, for a seating place in a modern living room or even to have in the outdoors when relaxing under a tree with a good book - it's waterproof and durable, just be quick if you  have pets and indent to use the chair, your pesky cat or dog might find it more suitable for themselves. It's also a great gift for a college kid in need of a comfortable and funky looking seating place. 

There are other colors available and if your giftee is a games loving one, this chair will go nicely with friends over a Cards Against Humanity game so they'll be awful awful people feeling very very comfortable.

  • Dimensions: 26" x 36" x 26"
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Filled with UltimaX Beans
  • Double stitched and double zippers 
  • Supplied in other colors as well: Zebra, Black, Green

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