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Black Hooded Cloak

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Ah, the infamous cloak, friend to any supernatural creature that roams the Earth. This cloak may not make you one with the night, but it does keep your warm, its hood may conceal your identity and it clearly makes for a great addition to the wardrobe of a witch, a vampire, a Death Eater or Death him/herself. 

This cloak is made from crushed panne velvet, a thin velvet that will look and feel wonderful. Just be wary that it's not very long, only about 52" - if you're looking for a floor length cloak, take a look at this cloak made from the same material, standing at 64" from shoulder to floor.

This cloak is perfect for all your concealing needs, functional and comfortable, but unfortunately it won't make you invisible. 

  • Crushed panne velvet material (a thin velvet)
  • Machine wash cold and tumble dry low
  • One Size : Approx. 52" Long, 60" Wide
  • Supplied in: Black, Evergreen, Dark Wine, Red, Purple, Grey
TAGS: Costume

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