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Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites

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One of the most amazing comic book series to come out of the Dark Horse Comics studio, surprisingly dark (considering its protagonists) reaching into horror territory, captivating and utterly fascinating so once you pick it up, putting it down without finishing will be difficult. 

Beasts of Burden takes place in the town of Burden Hill and centers around a group of 5 dogs and a cat: Ace, Rex, Jack, Whitey, Pugsley and the Orphan (later another cat joins the group). They're not mere pets as they are the one to protect their little town when supernatural events start occurring and the people's and all animals' lives are being threatened. 

While the protagonists are animals, the series is not for children. 

It's dark, it's stunningly illustrated, it has frequent touches of humor that lighten up the aforementioned dark mood, and any characters you might fancy are certainly prone to dying.

This fantastic series will make for an excellent gift for any lover of the paranormal and the horror genre. 

Pro Tip: The series includes the soul scarring Lost comic and, while it is not included, A View from the Hill is excellent, disturbing and worth a read. 

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