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Bathing Bad Bath Salts

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While you probably don't have the stressful life of a teacher who now cooks and deals illegal drugs (we hope), your regular-person levels of stress will surely melt away as soon as you fill a hot tub with these miracle-inducing bath salts. You'll be bathing bad and loving it!

These bath salts have a fresh scent, a little heavy if you stuff your nose in the bag, and they make for a great gift for any Breaking Bad fan who just loves long relaxing baths. 

You'll be fully relaxed and completely safe, as long as you don't think of the bath tub scene from the first season. You know it. So don't bathe for too long...

  • Blue colour, scented dead sea salt bath salts
  • Made from sodium chloride, PEG-400, Parfum (fragrance)
  • Contains approximately 250g of salts

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