Bacon Facts Poster

Every bacontarian should have this informative Bacon Facts Poster up on his wall to always remind him of the wonders of bacon. We can just smell it: thin strips of bacon, freshly placed in the hot pan, sizzling happily and getting all crunchy and delicious. If your mouth started watering, great, then you're a bacon fan and a poster with interesting facts about bacon would do well on your wall.

If you have a bacon nibbling friend who swears that bacon is the treat of gods, excellent, get him this Bacon Facts poster to hang in his room or kitchen - especially useful so as not to forget to celebrate Bacon Day (held on the Saturday before Labor Day, by the way). Also a nice way to encourage a friend on the paleo or keto diet - we're pretty sure these diets were invented by bacontarians.

  • 24 x 0.1 x 1 inches

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