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A Pug's Guide to Dating

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As adorable as they are, pugs aren't very good at romance - charm just passes them by and leaves them looking goofy as opposed to refined and classy. This fancy guide to dating will take your average Joe pug and make him a dashing gentleman or a lovely lady with perfect manners!

The book includes advice on personal grooming:

"Lick. Lick often; Lick thoroughly. Lick until you can lick no more. Lick the air if necessary."

Pick-up lines:

"Did you just roll in fox poop or is that your natural aroma?"

Where to bring your date: 

"This is where I pee".

And even advice on speed dating, on how to show your love and how to deal with heartbreak (if such a tragedy happens). All accompanied by charming illustrations that show the sillyness that makes pugs the cuties they are. This book definitely makes for a wonderful gift for any pug owner.

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